Funny things in Russia

Colorful Russian Toilet Paper

When we arrived at our new home, we discovered they had left us toilet paper in the two bathrooms. It was green. Fr. Joseph had also stopped at a store and bought some white toilet paper. img_68681A few days later on another shopping trip, he returns with orange toilet paper. Fast forward a couple of days later, and it is yellow toilet paper. Now we also have white toilet paper with purple designs on it. Best part of it all, Kelsey, our 6 year old, comes up to me and says, “Mommy, the toilet paper is turning the toilet water pink!” She thought that was just great! The orange toilet paper was the culprit. I asked Fr. Joseph what the deal was with the toilet paper, and he says he just buys the cheapest! I’m totally on pins and needles waiting to see what kind he comes home with next.

Scented Russian Kleenex

I witnessed this one with my own eyes. This time I was along for a shopping trip, on Christmas Eve no less, and was looking for Kleenex. We found them, but they only come in the little “purse size” packages. Okay, I will work with that and just buy 10 packages. Best part, when I got home I actually looked at the packages. They are FRUIT scented!  img_68711Kid you not! I asked the kids if they liked the smell of them, and they said they couldn’t smell them, because their noses are stuffed or runny. I love it!

Frozen Items

So this year (just because we decided to come in the dead of winter of course), it was the coldest Christmas (January 7th) in over 100 years. Want some proof of it? On the window seat near the front door, we had boxes stacked up from unpacking. One of the boxes was up against the window. A few days after the “cold snap”, I was rearranging the boxes and moved the boxes underneath this one box. The box didn’t fall down on to the window seat. It was still FROZEN to the window. It was on the same window seat where I had laid the kids’ hats. You guessed it! They were frozen to the window seat too.

It gets better. In the dining room/hallway at one end I had put the empty suitcases out of the way up against an interior wall. Oh yes, the suitcases were FROZEN to the wall. Even better, the kids’ coats that were laying on top of them were FROZEN to the wall too! I didn’t get pictures of this one, because the camera was frozen. Just kidding!

img_68561Russian Ice Cream Packaging

Our daughter Kelsey celebrated her 6th birthday on January 14th. Fr. Joseph went to the store for groceries and “birthday stuff”. The kids and I are emptying the bags, and we come to this cold roll of mystery stuff. At first, we thought it was hamburger. Turns out it was vanilla ice cream! Who knew you could package it this way!

Tricky Russian Sheets/Covers/Pillows

Let me start off by saying I’m VERY thankful that when we arrived, we already had beds put together, with sheets, comforters, and pillows.

That being said,  what is up with the sheets? In the sheet/pillowcase sets, there is only a “flat sheet”. No fitted sheet at all. IMG_6873[1].JPGThe flat sheet REFUSES to stay tucked in. So after about five minutes of someone moving on the bed, the sheet is off, and you are on the plastic covering of the mattress.

The pillows are wonderful; they are just BIG and FLUFFY!

On to the blankets and comforters. I finally figured out the bamboo blankets go in the “blanket covers”.  Then my problem was how to put them on the bed. There are two twin size blankets, but we have a queen size bed. I tried them vertical; I tried them horizontal. Either way looks funny to me.  Finally, I just folded them up at the end of the bed. At least, we don’t have to fight over anyone stealing all the covers. We have “his/her” covers!

We really like it here, and we have enjoyed getting settled in. These funny little differences between cultures just give us something fun to chuckle about.

Now I just have to wonder . . . what color of toilet paper will Fr. Joseph bring home next? And what special Kleenex scent?





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